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                 It is our great pleasure to welcome you to  the Thailand Science
           Research  and  Innovation  (TSRI)  congress  2019,  under  the  theme  of
           “Disruptive Technology for World Society” covering various aspects of
           Disruptive Technology, including Information Technology, Business and
           Finance, Frontier Research, Industry, Language, Humanity and Social
           Science. This congress is organized by Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Program
           (RGJ), Research and Researchers for Industries (RRI) and Humanities,
           Social Sciences and Fine Arts Division to connect researchers experts,
           specialists  and  students  from  universities,  private  sectors,  government
           organizations etc. in Thailand and abroad to share research point of view
           and  research  network  locally  and  internationally  can  be  strengthen  to
           pursue research excellent in the near future.
                 During the two days congress, 3 plenary lectures, 6 keynote speakers,
           24 distinguish research projects, 59 oral presentations and 211 posters are
           presented to share their latest and advanced technologies and, ongoing and
           successful researches in various fields.  We wish you all have a successful
           congress and thank you for your part in making it a memorable one.

                                      Assoc. Prof. Nattama Pongpairoj, Ph.D.
                                               Assistant Director of Humanities
                                            Prof. Paisan Kittisupakorn, Ph.D.
                   Director for the Royal Golden Jubilee (RGJ) Ph.D. Program and
                 Acting Director for Research and Researchers for Industries (RRi)
                                      Assoc. Prof. Chinaruk Thianpong, Ph.D.
                 Deputy Director for Research and Researchers for Industries (RRi)
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